Friday, June 25, 2010

Yay for Packages!

Last night my 88 warm palette came in the mail it took a week and two days! heck yeah! Heres the sellers link 
88 palette warm Pictures, Images and Photos

and also i got 50 pairs of lashes but i'll post the picture another time i'll be sure to hurry and do that i'll get some swatches and i be sure to put them up! much love! until next time.

Hugs & Kisses 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

MAC Dupess!

Heres a lisst compiled of mac dupes! no i did not find all myself yet a very little but other have and i'm sharing it with you
  • 134= Coastal Scents Large Paddle Face brush
  • 136= Loew Cornell Maxine's Mop 1 inch brush
  • 150= Loew Cornell XXL Brown brushes (goat hair)
  • 187= Sonia Kashuk Highlighting BrushCoastal Scents Duo Fiber Stippling Brush, Flirt! Skunk Brush,
  • 190= Loew Cornell 1 inch Filbert brush
  • 194= Loew Cornell #8 Filbert brush
  • 224= Coastal Scents Sable Blending Brush
  • 226= Coastal Scents Tapered Blending Brush, Sonia Kashuk Blending Brush (dark curvy)
  • 228= Loew Cornell Maxine's Mop 1/4 brush
  • 239= Loew Cornell Maxine's Mop 3/8 brush
  • 242= Loew Cornell Filbert 7500 C
  • Fluidline in Black Track= Coastal Scents Gel Liner in True Black, L'oreal HIP Cream Liner in Black
  • All that Glitters= NYX Champagne
  • Amber Lights= Milani Sun Goddess, NYX Golden
  • Black Tied= Milani Storm, Prestige Onyx
  • Brulee= NYX Nude
  • Carbon= NYX Black
  • Coppering= Milani Flare
  • Cork= NYX Dark Brown
  • Creme de Violet= Aromaleigh's Pure Eyes Frost Eyeshadow in Desire
  • Dementhe= Milani Clover
  • Electric Eel= Milani Atlantis
  • Guacamole= Milani Limbo lime
  • Humid= Milani Clover, Ulta Shamrock
  • Jest= Milani Peachy Peach
  • Juxt= Milani Garden Mist
  • Little Madam= Milani Illusion
  • Mulch= Milani Java Bean
  • Naked Lunch= NYX Sahara
  • Nocturnelle= Milani Shock
  • Nylon= NYX Barely There
  • Paradisco= NYX Tropical or CoverGirl Tropical Fusion Quad (orange shade)
  • Partait Amour= Milani Enchantment
  • Passionate= NYX Cherry
  • Perverted Pearl= Milani Silver Bullet
  • Pink Freeze= Milani Taffy
  • Plum Dressing= L'oreal HIP duo in Cheeky
  • Sable= Milani Java Bean
  • Satin Taupe= NYX Root Beer, NYX Iced Mocha, L'oreal HIP Duo in Sassy (taupe shade)
  • Shadowy Lady= L'oreal HIP duo in Wicked (purple side)
  • Shale= Milani Icy Plum
  • Shroom= Milani Classic Beige or Jordana's Beige
  • Sketch= Milani Marooned
  • Stars 'n' Rockets= Milani Shock
  • Steamy= Milani Clover
  • Sumptuous Olive= Milani Antiqued Gold
  • Vanilla= Milani Snow Frost, Cover Girl single in French Vanilla
  • Vellum= Milani Moonlight
  • Wedge= L'oreal HIP duo in Shady
  • Woodwinked= Milani Golden Bronze, L'oreal HIP duo in Wicked (brown side)
  • Mineralized Eyeshadow Duo in Two to Glow= L'oreal HIP Duo in Flare
  • Studio Fix Fluid= Revlon Colorstay
  • GENERAL: MAC Tendertones= L'oreal HIP Jelly Balm
  • Creme d'Nude= Revlon Matte Lipstick in Nude Attitude
  • Myth= Revlon Matte Lipstick in Nude Attitude
  • Viva Glam V= NYC Cafe
  • Bare Canvas= L'oreal HIP Paint in Secretive
  • Blackground= Mad Minerals Cream Shadow in Carbon
  • Indianwood= Mad Minerals Cream Shadow in Bronze Frost
  • Painterly= Mad Minerals Cream Shadow in Bare Necessity
  • Rubenesque= Mad Minerals Cream Shadow in Apricot Frost
  • MAC Palettes= Coastal Scents 4 piece & 15 piece palettes (hold same size pan), also has empty palettes that hold 15 and 28 shadows, even ebay
  • Antique Gold= Splash eye sparkles in Caribbean Bronze
  • Golden Lemon= Splash eye sparkles in Golden Beach
  • Pink Bronze= Pure Luxe in Fresh
  • Vanilla= Pure Luxe in Copper Aura
Hug & Kisses

If you have anything to add then just comment below and i'll put it on the list!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Golden Bronze Deep Brown :*

Heyyy ya'lll! I just finished doing a tutorial! golden bronze!  hahah i like the colors please watch it! :) ooo arguements are bad...especially when it's with someone that means alot to you. Even though you may feel like you the person in the right or you don't feel like its your fault it may just actually be your turn to apologize :) I know it's my turn.

Hugs & Kisses

Workout of The Day: 15minn Jogg
Look Of The Dayy:
Tutorial link: Golden Bronze Eye
Products used:
Maybelline dream liquid mousse
Maybelline mineral power natural perfection powder foundation
elf radiance blush: glow & flushed

Loreal 860 spice
Marykay liploss in sweet raisin

Loreal hip duos in saucy and flamboyant
lancome color design palette in sensational effects of ombre mono idk which one.
random black i for got the name sorry
covergirl lastblast volume

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

What a day this was! Not really. I got to make some quiche, hang with my brother and sister (whom i miss already), and lay around. I had stopped working out for a while since i hurt my leg but i started back again todayy! I really dont have much to say i think i might put beauty tips in each on of these haha :) comment if you think i should!

Hugs & Kisses
Check out my youtubee :BajanVincy

workout of the day: Tone it up!
Look of the day

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

1 Down Plenty 2 Go

So as I'm typing this Georgia paragraph my first youtube video is uploading :) boy am i pooped i just finished my cheer workouts and ouchhh! my legs hurt... :( but it's all worth the bikini body. At least this time when i lose a lot of weight, ill keep it off! South Beach? :'( haha i wanted chocolate so badly but i'm working so hard i don't want to spoil it you know? haha! I actually feel silly thinking that if i bought a bikini as my only bathing suit and that will motivate me before summer....NOPE so now during summer I'm working my butt of! Well i don't have that much of a butt so...I'm working my tummy off.. (i like that one better) Well byee for now Sorry i don't have a make up look today i was just so tired tomorrow thought!

Hugs & Kisses

Workout of the day: 80 lunges on each leg 50 squats and 125 reverse crunches!
Outfit of The Day:
Hair Of the day:

Monday, June 14, 2010

Drivers Ed?

Drivers ed has to be the most annoying class ever. I mean come on just give me the book to read then give me my license done deal! Okay so youtube tutorials? good idea hmmm idk maybe I'll try it. OH and choir! i got my all state packet and i'm so ready to start singing! Cheer practice? Trying to lose weight and tone up....not as easy as i wanted oh well, i mean good things come to those who wait right?

Hugs & Kisses

Work out of the day: Lunges, squats, handstand push ups & a 10 minute jog!
Look of the day:
Hair Of The Day:
Outfit Of the day: Maxi Dress (Old Navy)
Cardigan (Khols)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Parents.... -_-'

Soo Did you ever get your parents to meet your boyfriends or girlfriends parents? Today, i met my boyfriends mom.... I know what your thinking that was probably a disaster and all but it wasn't. It was great, shes such a nice, lady :D Although it took over half a year to meet her i guess it was well worth it. OUTLET MALLS?? CCO...I always hear gurus on youtube saying it to find out that the outlet by my house has one! sweet... I'm gonna check it out soon! hmm its late and the phones ringing...bye for now

Hugs & Kisses

Workout of the day: 30 minutes, run 4 walk 1
Look of the day:

Saturday, June 12, 2010

First Timer :)

We all have our first time for everything, whether its our first el cheapo curling iron, our first MAC purchase, our first blog post. Whatever it is its something new, something celebrated, something enjoyed. I want to share my tips, tricks and knowledge with you on everything possible. This is my first post of many my first youtube video will be right here asap and from there we take it a new year, new choir, new classes, new cheer! Thanks for reading! Much Love.

Hugs & Kisses